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What is ATTC?

ATTC stands for Approved Training and Testing Centres. These ATTCs provide training and skills assessments for construction workers who would like to be upgraded through various pathways such as CoreTrade Scheme, Multi-Skilling Scheme, Direct R1 Pathway, Continuing Education and Training (CET), Skills Evaluation Certificate (Knowledge) (SEC(K)) and Certificate of Successful Completion (CSC).

We are an approved ATTC registered with BCA. Contact us here to find out more!

What is CoreTrade?

CoreTrade stands for “Construction Registration of Tradesmen”. This is a registration scheme administered by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for skilled and experienced construction personnel in various key construction trades.

Can a CoreTrade tradesman be registered in more than 1 trade?

Yes. A worker who is competent in more than 1 trade can be registered as long as he or she meets the registration requirements. However, he or she can only be deployed in any 1 trade at any 1 time.

Can a licensed plumber or licensed electrical worker become a CoreTrade Trade Foreman?

Yes. A plumber licensed by the Public Utilities Board (PUB) and an electrical worker licensed by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) will directly qualify to be CoreTrade Trade Foremen in Plumbing & Piping Works and Electrical Works respectively.

They will not be required to take any skills assessment as they have been previously assessed during the applications for their licence. However, they will have to undergo a bridging seminar at BCA Academy upon registration.

What is Multi-skilling?

The Multi-skilling scheme provides an alternative pathway for the companies in the construction industry to upgrade their experienced workers from a Basic Skilled R1 worker to a Higher Skilled R1 worker.

This Multi-skilling scheme aims to build up a pool of strong skilful workers in Singapore who are competent in multiple skills sets. This allows them to be able to carry out more than 1 type of tasks on siet. Employers will also enjoy greater flexibility in deploying multi-skilled workers, hence reducing the downtime and improving their productivity.

Higher skilled R1 workers would also enjoy a long allowable period of employment (up to 22 years in Singapore), and lower foreign worker levy than Basic Skilled R2 workers.

What are the requirements for Multi-skilling?

A worker must possess SEC(K) certificates in 2 different construction trades and have a minimum of 4 years of construction experience in Singapore before they can be registered under the Multi-skilling scheme. Starting from 1 October 2016, this upgrading pathway will be extended to longer-staying workers who are specialised in safety-related works on site.

All registered multi-skilled workers must meet the Continuing Education & Training (CET) requirements before renewing their registration every 2 years.

What is the Skilled Craftsman in Reinforced Concrete Works programme (SCRC)?

SCRC is part of the Land Transport Authority (LTA)’s productivity initiatives. LTA stipulates that all companies with rail contracts have to deploy a minimum of 10% of the workforce to be SCRCs.

What are the requirements for SCRC?

There are 5 requirements for the SCRC programme.

i) The worker must have relevant working experience of at least 10 years
ii) The worker must have appropriate knowledge and skills in Reinforced Concrete
iii) The worker needs to have organisation and planning skills so as to work independently and efficiently
iv) The worker must show higher productivity level output as compared to R1 workers in similar reinforced concrete works
v) The worker must submit the application and obtain the Letter of Approval from LTA so as to sit for the SCRC test

Where are you located?

We are located at 254 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 (Woodlands BizHub). Click here to view driving directions on Google Map.

Global Training Services Pte Ltd (GTS) is founded by a team of experienced and passionate trainers. The team is dedicated in providing training to ensure that Safety and Welfare of all that are working in the construction sites are taken care of.

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